The Answer For Youth (TAFY)

What is The Answer For Youth (TAFY)?

Mission Statement

We embrace youth and young families up to age 35, nutritionally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally throughout our community.

The Answer for Youth is a barrier free nonprofit 501C3 privately funded organization that has provided services for almost 7 years at no cost to the city for homeless and at risk in Port Angeles. We embrace youth and young families up to age 35, nutritionally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally throughout our community which is our printed mission statement.

In 2009, our board of directors decided to help people, with or without children, up the age of 35. Over the past 7 years we have helped well over 850 unique individuals, in addition 100 children under age 10 in our community. 

How TAFY Works

  • TAFY does a nationally recognized model of harm reduction.
  • TAFY does one on one mentoring; staff interacts continually with clients and when any type of anti-social or illegal behavior is exhibited we confront it immediately. TAFY staff recently contacted the PA Police Department and Cody Seaman was taken into custody on TAFY property.
  • TAFY has no contracts which limit the ages we have chosen to serve.
  • TAFY creates FAMILY for clients, which teaches them a social norm, and how to get their needs met in a positive way.
  • TAFY uses the healthy family model that was created in the 1970’s by Virginia Satir. There is a lot of efficacy and proof that this model is successful.
    No one is having sex on site at TAFY, no one is ever alone. Everyone is monitored by staff at all times.
  • TAFY was told by the Chief of police in the beginning that we were not to report to them when clients came in with active warrants. (On any given day there are at least 1500 people with warrants in Port Angeles).
  • TAFY serves the same people that walk into Salvation Army, Serenity House, Safeway, etc. They don’t ask for a urine test to walk in and be served and we don’t either.
  • TAFY never discriminates and is barrier free, which means we can serve without requiring identification, address, or income verification.
  • TAFY does not make negative assumptions based on how clients are dressed, types of tattoo’s, or hairstyles.
  • TAFY does enable clients to live life better; we feed warm meals, provide a hot soapy shower, and allow them to brush their teeth, give them a fresh set of clothing and clean pair of socks. This is the enabling we do.

A Short Video About Who We Are and What We Do

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The Answer For Youth!